Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions, which may help you understand several details about our company.

1What type of houses do you sell?
We sell modern luxury houses, designed for comfortable rest and living.
2What are the advantages of choosing your projects?
Our projects are always located in great places with exceptional sea views. The houses are chicly trimmed and are equipped with the latest technology.
3Who are an author and the executor of projects?
Our projects are the results of hard work performed by a team of professional architects and builders, who love what they do and concern with their work with an attention and warmth of true Spanish!
4What are houses you sell equipped with?
All houses on sale are equipped with bathrooms, plumbing, general heating and kitchen furniture. They dispose solar panels, underfloor heating and pool water cleaning systems. In addition, the house can be optionally furnished with high-quality Italian furniture.
5Can you meet, carry and show us the house?
Yes, we can carry you to every house in a comfortable time for you. Please, call us in advance on the phone +34 655 103 684
6Are you only selling houses that are placed on your website?
Yes, we only sell houses placed on our official website (you can look at them via teh page "Our projects"). We do not sell any other houses.
7Is there VAT (IVA) included in the price of the houses?
No, VAT is not included in the price of the house.
8What guarantees do you offer?
Each house has a warranty of 10 years.

If you have a question, which is not listed above, you can always contact us by calling on +34 655 103 684, writing on e-mail, or simply using the contact form below.

We’ll be pleased to answer your question!