We are a building company, specialised on building elite luxury villas on the Mediterranean coast.

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals, containing architects, builders, mechanics and geotechnicians will guarantee you a successful accomplishment of your project and will maximise building efficiency. We execute and control every step in designing and building your house – choose a plot, study the landscape (which is required while building a house), make a project and perform the building process and trimming following the highest standards.

Also, you can purchase the house even on designing stage, enabling you to correct the project and adjust it to yourself, creating literally the home of your dream!

Our values


Good quality and reliability – this is what we are! We build, using only the best trim and materials, complying with the building standards and norms, thus guaranteeing exceptional quality and safety of a house built.

Furthermore, everything we build has a 10 years warranty.


Our company is constantly improving itself and the service offered. We follow new tendencies, using the most modern and effective methods of construction, not rejecting, nevertheless, the classical architecture with all its beauty, finding a compromise between innovative Hi-tech and traditional Mediterranean styles.